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harvestingWhen it comes to making a decision for selecting a hardwood timber harvesting company, few compare to the level of service and expertise that Midwest Hardwood Corporation offers. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff pays you top dollar for quality hardwood timber. A properly managed forest will create consistent dividends. If you would like to enhance the value and health of your forest for greater long-term profits and sustained yields contact us today.

Free Initial Consultation

Is your forest is in need of a harvest due to storm damage, disease and/or dying trees? We will be happy to schedule an appointment with you to walk through your forest and discuss your goals and objectives for the management of your forest.

Some charges will apply for forest management services such as Managed Forest Law Plan Writing in the State of Wisconsin, and Stewardship Plan Writing in Minnesota. Certified Wisconsin Managed Forest Law Plan Writers and Certified Minnesota Stewardship Plan Writers on Staff.

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About Our Team

Midwest Hardwood has a procurement team of 20 forest management and log procurement specialists with over 230 years of combined experience in the industry. Although our procurement strategies vary across our region, our goals remain the same. We strive to target quality timber that closely matches marketing needs, while promoting sound forestry practices.

Where it Starts

It all starts in the woods. Here our team deals directly with loggers. Our forest products community is made up of seasoned professionals that must adhere to strict guidelines for safety and protection of resources such as water qualities. Our contract crews and suppliers range from small crews using chainsaws and cable skidders to large high production crews using state-of-the-art logging equipment.

Our foresters and logging contractors must design and follow harvest specifications that protect not only the residual timber, but also other important resources such as air and water quality.

We follow state specific Best Management Practices (BMPs) and maintain certifications and licensing as required by each area we are working in. Proper harvest planning and road design allows us to bring timber from very remote areas, to our mills, while minimizing impact.

We are primarily harvesting hardwoods, so we use single tree selection to remove trees that are ready based on age
and defect. Our goal is to leave a residual stand that should be ready for another harvest within 10-20 years. Our goal also includes leaving roads and trails in much better condition than we find them, so they can be used and enjoyed for multiple uses, generation after generation.

Getting the Logs to the Mill

Although the infrastructure that gets the logs to the mill can come in many shapes and sizes, we have built an extensive network of transportation that was a result of our expansion into new areas. Although a supplier may be able to bring “a log” in from a few miles down the road from Park Falls, it would make it hard to pull from Southern Missouri.

We use a large network of flatbeds and log trucks. Our logistics department works on finding hauls outbound to where we buy the logs. Our mills combined require over 30 loads of logs a day.

We also leased specialized railroad cars that have the ability of moving the equivalent of 25-30 truckloads. We have rail service that brings the logs directly to Meister Log and Lumber.

Networking and Professional Affiliations

We are members of the Great Lake Timber Producers Association, Missouri Forest Products Association, Minnesota Loggers Education Program, Wisconsin Cooperation Foresters, Society of American Foresters as well as Licensed Timber Buyers in Indiana, Illinois and Iowa.

We are actively involved in promoting sound forest management practices in the community. This summer we exhibited at both the Walnut Council Meeting in Madison, as well as the Great Lakes Logging Congress in Escanaba. We are attending the Midwest Forest Products show in Cape Girardeau this fall.

Log Marketing

With our expansion of our resource area we’ve been able to match our veneer log marketing program with world demands. Our forestry team is a dedicated, seasoned group of professionals, committed to continued growth consistent with market demands of the world.

We will continue to promote solid forestry management practices and quickly respond to changing markets. In the near future we will be focusing on expanding our remote log yards to better serve our customers and facilitate quicker turnaround of logs to our sawmills.




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*Available FSC® Certified.

Northern Hardwoods
Aspen Soft Maple
18m3 4/4 FAS/1F* Rgh Unsel 14m3 4/4 FAS/1F* S2S 15/16" Unsel
71m3 4/4 #1 Com* S2S 15/16" Brown
Basswood 23m3 4/4 #2 Com* S2S 15/16" Sap1F&Btr
94m3 4/4 FAS/1F* Rgh 28m3 4/4 #2 Com* S2S 15/16" Unsel
17m3 4/4 #2 Com* Rgh 40m3 4/4 #2 Com* IN KILN
19m3 5/4 FAS/1F* Rgh 26m3 6/4 FAS/1F* S2S 1-7/16" Sap1F&Btr
73m3 9/4 FAS/1F* Rgh 16m3 6/4 FAS/1F* S2S 1-7/16" Unsel
12m3 9/4 #1 Com* Rgh 16m3 8/4 FAS/1F* S2S 1-15/16" Unsel
Beech Red Oak
30m3 4/4 Rustic* Rgh Unsel 28m3 4/4 Veneer Quality IN KILN
118m3 4/4 FAS/1F* IN KILN
White Birch 85m3 4/4 FAS/1F* Qtd. Rgh
47m3 4/4 #1 Com* S2S 15/16" 35m3 4/4 FAS/1F* Qtd. IN KILN
31m3 4/4 #1 Com* S2S 15/16"
Cherry 94m3 4/4 #1 Com* IN KILN
71m3 4/4 FAS/1F* S2S 15/16" 90/90+ RED 35m3 4/4 #1 Com* Rgh Qtd.
47m3 4/4 FAS/1F* S2S 15/16" 90/50+ RED 40m3 4/4 #2 Com* Rgh
16m3 4/4 FAS/1F* S2S 15/16" Rift/Qtd. 24m3 4/4 #2 Com* IN KILN
13m3 4/4 #1 Com* S2S 15/16" Rift/Qtd. 38m3 5/4 FAS/1F* S2S 1-3/16"
94m3 4/4 Rustic* S2S 15/16" x 5.5"-8.5" 71m3 5/4 FAS/1F* IN KILN
33m3 5/4 FAS/1F* S2S 1-3/16" 90/50+ RED 47m3 8/4 FAS/1F* Rgh
17m3 6/4 FAS/1F* S2S 1-7/16" 90/50+ RED
28m3 6/4 FAS/1F* S2S 1-7/16" Unsel White Oak
34m3 8/4 FAS/1F* S2S 15/16 Unsel 23m3 4/4 FAS/1F* S2S 15/16" Qtd.
71m3 4/4 FAS/1F* Qtd. IN KILN
Hickory 15m3 4/4 FAS/1F* S2S 15/16" 
12m3 4/4 #2 Com* Rgh 47m3 4/4 FAS/1F* IN KILN
66m3 4/4 Rustic* S2S 1" 7.5"-8.5" 14m3 4/4 FAS/1F* Rgh x 4.5"-7.5"
71m3 4/4 Rustic* S2S 1" 8.5"-9.5" 47m3 4/4 #1 Com* IN KILN
64m3 4/4 Rustic* S2S 1"x 10"+ 26m3 4/4 #1 Com* Qtd. IN KILN
47m3 4/4 Rustic* S2S 1" x 5.5"-6.5"
Hard Maple 28m3 4/4 Rustic* S2S 1" x 7.5"-8.5"
57m3 4/4 FAS/1F* S2S 15/16" #1&2 White 35m3 4/4 Rustic* S2S 1" x 8.5"-9.5"
71m3 4/4 FAS/1F* #1&2 White IN KILN 35m3 4/4 Rustic* S2S 1" x 10"+
13m3 4/4 FAS/1F* S2S 15/16" Rift/Qtd. 99m3 4/4 Rustic* IN KILN
106m3 4/4 #1 Com* S2S 15/16" #1&2 White 35m3 5/4 FAS/1F* S2S 1-3/16" Qtd.
52m3 4/4 #1 Com* S2S 15/16" Rift/Qtd. 16m3 5/4 #1 Com* Rgh
64m3 4/4 #1 Com* S2S 15/16" Brown 26m3 8/4 FAS/1F* S2S 1-15/16" Qtd
12m3 4/4 #1 Com* S2S 15/16" Birdseye
35m3 4/4 #2 Com* S2S 15/16" Rift/Qtd. Black Walnut
24m3 5/4 FAS/1F* S2S 1-3/16" Rift/Qtd. 28m3 4/4 Veneer Quality S2S 15/16" 
12m3 5/4 #1 Com* S2S 1-3/16" Rift/Qtd. 64m3 4/4 FAS/1F* S2S 15/16" 90/70 Heart
47m3 5/4 #2 Com* S2S 1-3/16" #1&2 White 47m3 4/4 FAS/1F* Rgh Rift/Qtd.
13m3 6/4 FAS/1F* S2S 1-7/16" Rift/Qtd. 47m3 4/4 FAS/1F* IN KILN
28m3 8/4 FAS/1F* S2S 1-15/16" #1&2 White 28m3 4/4 #1 Com* IN KILN
31m3 8/4 FAS/1F* S2S 1-15/16" Rift/Qtd. 14m3 4/4 Rustic* S2S 1" x 10"+
38m3 4/4 Rustic* Rgh 11.5"+
21m3 5/4 FAS/1F* S2S 1-3/16"
71m3 8/4 FAS/1F* Rgh
35m3 8/4 FAS/1F* Rgh 9"+
94m3 8/4 FAS/1F* IN KILN
17m3 10/4 FAS/1F* Rgh
Pennsylvania Inventory
White Ash Soft Maple
12m3 4/4 FAS/1F* Rgh 14m3 4/4 #2 Com* Rgh
Cherry Walnut
47m3 4/4 FAS/1F* Rgh 40m3 5/4 FAS/1F* Rgh
24m3 5/4 #1 Com* Rgh 14m3 5/4 #1 Com* Rgh
Red Oak Yellow Poplar
66m3 4/4 #1 Com* Rgh 14m3 5/4 #1 Com* Rgh
26m3 5/4 FAS/1F* Rgh
Little River Hardwoods
White Ash White Oak
19m3 4/4 #1 Com* Rgh 12m3 4/4 FAS/1F* Rgh
Cherry Walnut
19m3 4/4 FAS/1F* Rgh 90/50+ Heart 47m3 4/4 FAS/1F* Rgh
31m3 4/4 FAS/1F* Rgh 35m3 4/4 FAS/1F* IN KILN
26m3 4/4 #1 Com* IN KILN
Hickory 33m3 4/4 #2 Com* IN KILN
12m3 4/4 Rustic* S2S 1" X 5.5"-6.5" 28m3 5/4 FAS/1F* Rgh
13m3 4/4 Rustic* S2S 1" X 6.5"-7.5" 19m3 6/4 FAS/1F* Rgh
71m3 4/4 Rustic* S2S 1" X 7.5"-8.5" 35m3 8/4 FAS/1F* IN KILN
94m3 4/4 Rustic* IN KILN 59m3 8/4 FAS/1F* Rgh
Red Oak Yellow Poplar
15m3 4/4 FAS/1F* Rgh 12" + 38m3 4/4 #1 Com* S2S 15/16"
24m3 4/4 FAS/1F* S2S 15/16" Southern 61m3 4/4 #1 Com* Rgh
71m3 4/4 FAS/1F* IN KILN 17m3 4/4 #2 Com* S2S 7/8"
35m3 4/4 #1 Com* S2S 15/16" 24m3 4/4 #2 Com* Rgh
28m3 4/4 #1 Com* S2S 15/16" Southern 21m3 5/4 #2 Com* Rgh
40m3 4/4 #1 Com* IN KILN
78m3 4/4 #2 Com* Rgh



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Rift Sawn

This linear grain pattern is achieved by milling perpendicular to log's growth rings. The log is milled on an angle between 45° to 75°. Rift sawn lumber is dimensionally superior to both plain sawn and quarter sawn lumber. However, it also produces the most waste, which will cost more per board foot than either quarter sawn and plain sawn lumber.

Benefits of Rift Sawing :

  • Ideal for custom furniture makers to use for table, chair and other straight pieces
  • The most dimensionally stable cut of lumber available
  • Unique, linear appearance on both sides of the lumber planks

Quarter Sawn

To mill quarter sawn wood, each log is sawed at a radial angle into four quarters. Then each quarter is plain sawn. This produces a straight, linear grain pattern. This method of quarter sawing does leave some waste, but much less than rift sawn lumber.

Benefits of Quarter Sawing :

  • Reduces shrinking and swelling in hardwood lumber width.
  • Reduces twisting, warping and cupping.
  • Is less prone to surface checking.
  • More resistant to moisture penetration
  • Has a smooth surface as raised grain is not pronounced.
  • Ribbon aka "fleck" patterns

Available Hardwood Lumber Species

Available thicknesses: 4/4, 5/4, 6/4* and 8/4* (*Available by special order.)

red-oak-quarter Northern Red Oak
Rift & Quartered Red Oak is sawn from true Northern Red Oak logs. The sapwood in Red Oak is blonde and usually one to two inches thick; the heartwood is very light brown with a tinge of red or pink. Due to slower growth, wood cut in northern us has a finer texture, more consistent pale pink color and somewhat denser, than central or southern US oak. Northern Oak is preferred in all turning and flooring applications.
white-oak-quarter Northern White Oak

Midwest Hardwood’s Rift & Quarter sawn White Oak also offers a higher degree of color consistency due to the sourcing of high quality Northern hardwood timber. Quarter sawn White Oak remains the species artisans use for mission and arts and crafts style interiors. It is chosen because the medullary ray fleck, wavy grain, and because other aesthetic qualities are more pronounced in White Oak than other species. White Oak is also a denser, more stable, and durable species.

walnut_qrtsawn_250 Northern Black Walnut

The Rift & Quartered Northern Black Walnut offers buyers a volume source for a rare cut of hardwood in an already rare species. Rift & Quartered Walnut lumber is used for fine furniture, architectural woodwork, musical instruments, decorative panels, interior trim, and flooring and is more in demand today than ever before as it offers buyers a straight grained, dark, native North American hardwood

hardmaple_rift_250 Northern Hard Maple

Rift & Quartered Northern Hard Maple is currently used for furniture, cabinets, decorative woodwork, flooring, and veneers. In Midwest’s Northern Rift & Quartered Hard Maple the heartwood or brown portion of the log is isolated to the inside edge and it is limited to 1” or less in width across the board face. Vertical grain white Northern Hard Maple offers a “fresh” look to the traditional Maple appearance consumers are accustomed to seeing.

cherry_rift_250 Northern Cherry

In cabinetmaking, cherry is rated one of the favorites because of its beauty and versatility. It’s unique patina, ability to take stains well, and deep rich red color make it unique in North American hardwoods. Midwest produces a Rift & Quartered Cherry that maintains all the highly desired physical properties of Northern Cherry, while like Maple offering a “fresh” look at Cherry in a vertical grain product.

Select from the bundle options below to virtually flip through the top 10 layers (front and back) of a standard Midwest Hardwood lumber bundle in the species and grade specfied.


Ash, White


WA04SBND003 1a BW04SBND003 1a
Select & Better Select & Better


 CH04SBND003 1a  CH04SBNDRD3 1a  CH04R6ND003 1a
Select & Better

Select & Better



 HK04SB0D003 1a  HK041C0D003 1a  HK042A0D003 1a
Select & Better #1 Common #2A

Maple, Hard

 HM04SBND123 1a  HM04SBND103 1a  HM04SBNDQ03 1a
Select & Better
#1 & 2
Select & Better
Select & Better
 HM042AND003 1a

Maple, Soft

Select & Better

Oak, Red

 RO04VQND003 1a  RO04SBND003 1a  RO04SBAD003 1a
Veneer Quality Select & Better
Select & Better
 RO04SB0DQ03 1a  RO041CNDFP 1a  RO042AAD003 1a
Select & Better
#1 Common #2A

Oak, White

 WO04SBND003 1a  WO04SBNDRQ3 1a  WO04R6ND003 1a
Select & Better Select & Better
Rift & Quartered


 WN04VQND003 1a  WN04VQND003 90 1a  WN041CND003 1a
Veneer Quality Veneer Quality
#1 Common
 WN042AND003 1a  WN04R6ND003 1a
#2A 6R

Poplar, Yellow

 YP041F10D003 1a

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