Midwest Hardwood

Midwest Hardwood

All species in the Midwest Hardwood Premium Rustic line are sawn and graded to their own proprietary specifications that are designed to channel a wider board containing a good sampling of these naturally occurring character markings into the manufacturing process. The Midwest Hardwood Premium Rustic program moves the grading of Rustic lumber away from the traditional clear cuttings grading methodology, where graders looked at each board to determine the percentage of clear wood that could be derived from a board. Instead, they have moved to an appearance grading methodology, where skilled grading personnel look at each board for what it truly is, a unique piece of nature to be appreciated and used as near to its entirety as possible.


Midwest's Rustic Lumber Program is divided into 3 width ranges; 5-1/2 to 8-1/2, 8-1/2 to 11-1/2, and 11-1/2 and wider in Black Walnut, Hickory, White Oak, Cherry and Hard Maple. Graded for the pleasing appearance of tight captured knots and other naturally occurring characteristics. Rustic Lumber is gaining in popularity particularly in the western United States.


General Grade Rules

Character marked hardwoods shall admit any kind, number or distribution of the following characteristics incident to tree growth; heartwood, sapwood, knots, burls, swirls or other fiber irregularities, bird pecks, holes or grooves, knots not exceeding 3” in diameter and color streaks or spots, and light stain, but the cuttings shall not admit decay, loose knots, excessive pith, shake, or split.

  • Minimum 75% of each board usable in its full width
  • Widths: 5½” and wider (140mm and wider)
  • Lengths: 4’–12’ (1220mm – 3660mm) heavy to 7’– 8’ (2135mm – 2440mm)
  • Knot size limitation 3” (76mm) or one half the width of the board
  • Stain allowed one face
  • Open knots or holes allowed up to 1” (25mm) in diameter
  • Minimum full width x 2’ (610mm) cutting size
  • The reverse side of each cutting shall be as defined as Sound Cuttings, and will not allow holes and open knots larger than 1” (25mm) in diameter.
  • Wane: 1” width wane in total aggregate from both sides  of the board in cuttings. Total wane less than ½ length of the board in cuttings.
  • Board Ends: within 1’ (305mm) of either end of board piece must be minimum 75% of full width of board, or be trimmed back.
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Cabinet Manufacturers have long been at the core of our business. We offer species and grade mixes at a quality level that exceeds the industry standard and makes Midwest Hardwood Corporation the perfect hardwood lumber supplier for small, medium and larger cabinet manufacturing companies.


Reasons you should form a relationship with Midwest Hardwood Corporation:


Color Consistency
& Control
Midwest is a Northern Hardwood manufacturer that saws, kiln dries and rips hardwood lumber from the premium region of North America. Combining the right region with proper handling and drying procedures assures our customers a high quality and color consistent product.
Securing Your Supply Chain As a large primary manufacturer that harvest the timber and saws and dries the lumber, you can be assured of adequate volumes of supply at all times.
Proprietary Grades In today's optimized cabinet manufacturing environment, many of our customers are finding the solution·of lumber grades is a mix of traditional NHLA #1 Common and·#2 Common grades with some additional color specifications. This allows manufacturers to use lower grade lumber for short parts efficiently and garner cost savings associated with #2 Common lumber.
?Value Added Services Many Manufacturers find it advantageous to buy ripped-to-width lumber? instead of random length. This allows cabinet manufacturers to focus on their core product and not on their rough mill. In addition we operate state-of-the-art moulders, where we can run lineal mouldings like door rail or cabinet crowns when business is sufficiently busy to justify outside sources.

Flooring manufacturers have unique needs in their hardwood lumber requirements. They often require fixed or sorted widths, specified lengths and other custom attributes. Midwest Hardwood Corporation serves the needs of flooring manufacturers around the world by providing:


Proprietary Grade Solutions For years Midwest Hardwood has had the industry leading custom sawn Rustic Lumber Program in Black Walnut, Hickory, White Oak, Cherry, Hard Maple and Red Oak. As consumer tastes have evolved towards more natural looking floors Midwest's Rustic Program has allowed manufacturers to take advantage of this trend and generate profits in rustic floors. Midwest Hardwood Corporation understands the unique needs of engineered vs. solid flooring manufacturing and can sort boards for each market.
Sorted to Width Offerings Combining Midwest's large production capacity with a diverse customer base allows the company to offer significant volumes of sorted-to-width product. This significanlty improves yields and the resulting profits for Midwest Customers.
Ripped-To-Width Blanks For companies that want to go off the truck straight into production, Midwest offers an extensive inventory of ripped-to-width hardwoods.
Flooring Strips Midwest manufacturers Black Walnut Flooring Strips for international markets, Click here for more information.
FSC Product Available In all of our species and products above we can supply lumber from well-managed forests. Learn More

Midwest Hardwood has the ability to custom match just about any moulding profile, run out of nearly any species, for large volume national home builders to some of the fanciest Hotels and Casinos in North America. For a traditional profile, you can utilize Midwest's on hand knife library of more than 1300 profiles. Midwest can supply mouldings up to 4” thick and 8” wide, in lengths as long as the lumber is available.

Midwest Hardwood Corporation operates a custom architectural moulding plant in Westby, WI USA. Westby Hardwood Products (located about 25 miles Southeast of La Crosse, WI) has over 40 years of experience manufacturing premium custom millwork, flooring, and other value-added hardwood products for customers around the world. Recently this plant has added significant capacity to make dimension blanks for the flooring, furniture and cabinet industries.


If your needs require lumber to be moulded or chopped to length, please contact us for a quote.

In Europe and Asia one of the key products made by many flooring manufacturers is 2-Strip and 3-Strip Engineered Flooring. This commodity product is the European equivalent of 3/4" x 2-1/4" Strip Flooring manufactured in the US market. In Europe·these flooring strips or "blocks" are surfaced on all four sides, precision trimmed square-to-length, then slit into 4 or 5 top layer pieces that are subsequently glued to an engineered substrate.


The advantages Midwest brings to the flooring strip market are:


Volume Competitive manufacturers might make 1 - 2 containers per month of strips and are subject to lumber thickness variances as they are supplied by multiple manufacturers, Midwest makes 8-12 containers per month.
European Thickness 2-3 strip manufacturers are use to a 30 mm green thickness in their White Oak strips and have been unable to find this in North American sourced products, this is important as often times manufacturers find when using North American species they only get 4 top layers due to thinner input
Dryness and Steaming Consistency Midwest owns the sawmills, dry kilns and chopping facilities products sourced from Midwest in consistent load to load, year to year.
Custom Length Mixes The volumes Midwest Hardwood manufacturers we can easily accommodate custom lengths and specific percentage flooring strip orders without extended order fulfillment times·


Comparison of Strip Manufacturing Methods

Attribute European Sawing Method American Sawing Method Midwest Hardwood Sawing Method
Full 26mm Thickness YES NO (varies as buying from assorted sawmills yields varying thicknesses. USA 1”=25.4mm) YES
Full 70/76mm Width YES YES YES
High % of Sap YES (40-50% estimate) NO (#2 Com 15-20%) NO (0-10%)
Sap Orientation Vertical Horizontal Horizontal when available
Mixed Rift/Quartered YES (20-40% estimate) NO (nearly all flat sawn) YES (20-40% estimate)
Availability Custom sawing (would require buyer to take all the lumber from each log) Low/Varied (From small chop shops with limited cash to buy necessary lumber) Very good (10+ containers/month)
Price High (+50-60% above current market as more of the log would go to strips) Low (subject to rapidly increasing #2 Com prices, will confirmed orders ship??) Moderate (competitive with #2 Com when shipping reliability is factored into cost)



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*Available FSC® Certified.

Northern Hardwoods
Basswood Red Oak
14,000 4/4 #2 Com* Rgh 11,000 4/4 Veneer Quality S2S 15/16"
23,000 4/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 15/16" Qtd.
Cherry 8,000 4/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 15/16" Rift
35,000 4/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 15/16" 90/90+ RED  20,000 4/4 Sel & Btr* IN KILN
8,000 4/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 15/16" 90/70+ RED  40,000 4/4 #1 Com* S2S 15/16"
30,000 4/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 15/16" 90/50+ RED  40,000 4/4 #1 Com* IN KILN
6,000 4/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 15/16" Rift/Qtd. 20,000 4/4 #1 Com* S2S 15/16" Qtd.
50,000 4/4 Rustic* S2S 15/16" x 5.5"-8.5" 15,000 4/4 #2 Com* S2S 15/16"
19,000 5/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 1-3/16" 90/50+ RED 30,000 5/4 Sel & Btr* Rgh
15,000 6/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 1-7/16" 90/50+ RED 50,000 6/4 Sel & Btr* IN KILN
12,000 8/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 1-15/16" 90/50+ RED 7,600 8/4 Sel & Btr* Rgh
Hickory White Oak
10,000 4/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 15/16" Calico 1,800 4/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 15/16" Qtd. 6"-6.9"
25,000 4/4 #1 Com* S2S 15/16" 3,300 4/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 15/16" Qtd. 7"-7.9"
20,000 4/4 #2 Com* S2S 15/16" 4,000 4/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 15/16" Qtd. 8"-8.9"
16,000 4/4 Rustic* S2S 1" 3.5"-5.5" 4,400 4/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 15/16" Qtd. 9"-9.9"
10,000 4/4 Rustic* S2S 1" 7.5"-8.5" 15,600 4/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 15/16" Qtd. 10"+
40,000 4/4 Rustic* S2S 1" 8.5"-9.5" 30,000 4/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 15/16" Qtd.
35,000 4/4 Rustic* S2S 1"x 10"+ 12,000 4/4 Sel & Btr* Qtd. IN KILN
36,000 4/4 Rustic* S2S 1" STAINED 20,000 4/4 #1 Com* IN KILN
35,000 4/4 Rustic* S2S 1" x 5.5"-6.5" 
Hard Maple 13,000 4/4 Rustic* S2S 1" x 6.5"-7.5" 
26,000 4/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 15/16" #1&2 White 20,000 4/4 Rustic* S2S 1" x 7.5"-8.5"
40,000 4/4 Sel & Btr* #1&2 White IN KILN 6,200 4/4 Rustic* S2S 1" x 10"+
55,000 4/4 #1 Com* S2S 15/16" #1&2 White 12,000 5/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 1-3/16" Qtd.
22,000 4/4 #1 Com* S2S 15/16" Rift/Qtd. 6,000 8/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 1-15/16" Qtd
34,000 4/4 #1 Com* S2S 15/16" Brown
9,500 4/4 #2 Com* S2S 15/16" Rift/Qtd. Black Walnut
12,500 5/4 #2 Com* S2S 1-3/16" #1&2 White 7,000 4/4 Veneer Quality S2S 15/16"   
6,000 6/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 1-7/16" #1&2 White 15,000 4/4 FAS/1F* 90/90 IN KILN
12,000 8/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 1-15/16" Rift/Qtd. 33,000 4/4 FAS/1F* Rgh
19,000 4/4 FAS/1F* Rgh Rift/Qtd.
Soft Maple 24,000 4/4 FAS/1F* IN KILN
17,000 4/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 15/16" Unsel 35,000 4/4 #1 Com* Rgh
22,000 4/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 15/16" Sap1F&Btr 22,000 4/4 #1 Com* IN KILN
13,000 4/4 Sel & Btr* IN KILN 8,000 5/4 FAS/1F* Rgh
8,000 4/4 #1 Com* S2S 15/16" Brown 11,500 8/4 FAS/1F* S2S 15/16"
9,600 4/4 #2 Com* S2S 15/16" Sap1F&Btr 25,000 8/4 FAS/1F* IN KILN
12,000 4/4 #2 Com* S2S 15/16" Unsel 7,000 10/4 FAS/1F* Rgh
6,000 8/4 Sel & Btr* S2S 1-15/16" Unsel
Pennsylvania Inventory
White Ash Soft Maple
5,500 4/4 FAS/1F Rgh 5,800 4/4 #2 Com Rgh
Cherry Walnut
20,000 4/4 FAS/1F Rgh 6,000 5/4 #1 Com Rgh
10,000 5/4 #1 Com Rgh
White Oak
Red Oak 12,000 4/4 #1 Com Rgh
15,000 4/4 #1 Com Rgh 8,000 5/4 FAS/1F Rgh
11,000 5/4 FAS/1F Rgh
Yellow Poplar
6,000 5/4 #1 Com Rgh
North Carolina / West Virginia Inventory
White Ash White Oak
13,000 4/4 FAS/1F Rgh 26,000 4/4 FAS/1F Rgh
26,000 4/4 #1 Com Rgh 65,000 4/4 #1 Com Rgh
26,000 4/4 #2 Com Rgh 26,000 4/4 #2 Com Rgh
13,000 5/4 FAS/1F Rgh
Red Oak 13,000 5/4 #1 Com Rgh
24,000 4/4 FAS/1F Rgh 26,000 5/4 #2 Com Rgh
48,000 4/4 #1 Com Rgh 36,000 6/4 FAS/1F Rgh
50,000 4/4 #2 Com Rgh 13,000 6/4 #1 Com Rgh
12,000 5/4 FAS/1F Rgh 26,000 6/4 #2 Com Rgh
25,000 5/4 #1 Com Rgh 26,000 8/4 FAS/1F Rgh
12,000 5/4 #2 Com Rgh 26,000 8/4 #1 Com Rgh
26,000 6/4 FAS/1F Rgh 36,000 8/4 #2 Com Rgh
13,000 6/4 #1 Com Rgh 26,000 10/4 FAS/1F Rgh
26,000 6/4 #2 Com Rgh 13,000 10/4 #1 Com Rgh
13,000 8/4 FAS/1F Rgh 26,000 10/4 #2 Com Rgh
26,000 8/4 #1 Com Rgh 13,000 12/4 FAS/1F Rgh
13,000 8/4 #2 Com Rgh
Little River Hardwoods Stock List
White Ash Walnut
9,000 8/4 FAS/1F* Rgh 25,000 4/4 FAS/1F* Rgh
24,000 4/4 FAS/1F* IN KILN
Cherry 10,000 5/4 FAS/1F* IN KILN
12,000 4/4 FAS/1F* Rgh 7,000 5/4 #1 Com* Rgh
9,000 6/4 FAS/1F* Rgh
Hickory 16,000 6/4 FAS/1F* IN KILN
30,000 4/4 FAS/1F* S2S 15/16" Calico 10,000 8/4 FAS/1F* Rgh
35,000 4/4 #1 Com* S2S 15/16" Calico
5,000 4/4 Rustic* S2S 1" X 5.5"-6.5" White Oak
5,500 4/4 Rustic* S2S 1" X 9.5"-10.5" 19,000 4/4 FAS/1F* IN KILN
14,000 4/4 #1 Com* IN KILN
Red Oak 21,000 4/4 #2 Com* Rgh
6,500 4/4 FAS/1F* Rgh 12" +
16,000 4/4 #1 Com* S2S 15/16" Yellow Poplar
12,000 4/4 #1 Com* S2S 15/16" Southern 6,000 4/4 FAS/1F* Rgh 12" +
40,000 4/4 #2 Com* Rgh 45,000 4/4 FAS/1F* Rgh
6,000 5/4 #2 Com* Rgh 45,000 4/4 #1 Com* Rgh

Trading hardwood lumber and logs across international borders can be risky business. Every aspect of a business transaction can be a challenge to the inexperienced – product quality & consistency, shipment timeliness, a common understanding of specifications and countless other variables can come into question.


Midwest Hardwood Corp. has been trading hardwood products in international markets for nearly 30 years, as manufacturers, as sellers and as buyers. Our sales representatives and traders are trained and experienced lumbermen. We know logs and lumber. We understand what’s important to our customers in manufacturing and distribution around the world. We deal with international logistics and finance every day. When a challenge arises our people know how to respond quickly and effectively.


We also know how important experience and trust are to successful international partnerships. We maintain several sales offices around the world to allow a better understanding of our customer’s needs and a higher level of service. Our sales managers travel throughout the world regularly to meet face to face with our customers and see first-hand their individual requirements.  


When possible we tailor our products to our customer’s local requirements.  Metric measurements, special sawing methods, smaller bundle sizes and customized kiln schedules are just a few examples of the modifications we can do when our customers ask.

Hardwood Lumber

Kiln dried hardwood lumber is the core of our business. Our reputation for kiln drying quality stands with the best in the industry. We saw and dry more than 12 Northern and Appalachian species in as many as 8 thicknesses. All traditional NHLA grades are available as well as proprietary grades.  Selected widths & lengths are possible when market conditions allow. Rough and surfaced lumber is always available.



Ripped-to-Width Lumber

When random width lumber isn't the answer we offer the option of lumber ripped to width after kiln drying. Our gang rip saws and automated handling systems offer precision and high volume for consistently higher yields and on-time delivery.




Westby Hardwood Products, our dimension and moulding plant has long standing experience producing standard and custom mouldings in all North American hardwood species. 



Specialty Products

Innovation drives growth in our industry just like any other. Our divisions combine forces with a number of companies to create specialized products to meet the challenges of an ever changing market.


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